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The CertLink platform user experience

CertLink® is a flexible platform that can support various types of assessments. Questions can be organized into content blocks and rules can be applied to determine whether they are required or elective for the user. Assessment design enables the user to design, configure, and create an assessment most relevant to their area of expertise.

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Question delivery

While answering questions, users can access several tools such as a highlighter, calculator, and scratchpad. A timer displays the amount of time allotted to answer a question.

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After submitting an answer, users are asked to indicate how confident they are in their response and the relevance of the question to their work. If enabled, the platform will use this feedback to determine the content of future questions presented to the user. This feature also helps organizations understand the relevancy of questions in the item bank.

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After answering each question, a critique is provided that explains the answer, helps the user identify knowledge gaps, and offers resources for further study.

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The dashboard guides users through the assessment. It provides real-time status information including personal performance and peer comparison on the questions answered, status on the number of questions remaining, and time left in the assessment period to finish answering questions and complete the assessment.

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