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Assessment solutions for certification, learning, and professional development

When an industry puts trust in a credential, having an assessment partner you can rely on is essential. ABMS AssessLink™ offers end-to-end test development services including longitudinal assessment powered by CertLink®.

With ABMS AssessLink, you will create an assessment experience that upholds the standards of your profession.

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Assessments for
candidate success

Use ABMS AssessLink to create a well-designed assessment program that will:

  • Evaluate knowledge, skills, and abilities to enter a profession
  • Determine qualification to receive professional certification
  • Support continuing education by identifying gaps in knowledge and connecting users with relevant educational materials
  • Measure the effectiveness of learning activities for continuous certification

More than a decade of certification experience

Our services were built on the need of medical certifying boards to support high-stakes physician certification programs.

We have worked with health care entities worldwide to develop and maintain successful programs for medical specialty certification and professional development. From these relationships we have assembled an extensive portfolio of test development services and an innovative longitudinal assessment platform.

We emphasize validity, defensibility, and reliability in the assessments we create for our clients. This allows us to design effective, affordable solutions for organizations in any industry.

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“The comprehensive two-day workshop approach was extremely helpful for our faculty in understanding the concepts of assessment as well as how to write and review MCQs. We will definitely have them back for additional sessions in the future.”

Thurayya Arayssi, MD Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar

“The feedback provided is so detailed that it shows me my scoring in different areas and helps me to tailor my continuing education according to identified areas needing improvement. Each quarter I can update the areas of focus to help work on an area identified as needing improvement or to better reflect my area of practice.”

Katie O'Reilly, MD CertLink User

“Our collaboration with ABMS and its Member Boards builds upon Singapore’s continuing efforts to enhance specialist training. This certification process complements our structured formative training and allows us to better assess the competencies of our residents, both during and after completion of training.”

Mabel Yap, MD Singapore Ministry of Health Director of Education and Assessment
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Discover how ABMS AssessLink can benefit your program

ABMS AssessLink helps organizations develop, deliver, and maintain assessments for certification, learning, and professional development. Let our experts help you create an innovative program customized to your objectives and the needs of your candidates.

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